Satisfied Saturdays – Makeup Swapping

Hey Folks!

It seems as though the hay-day of hauling has come and gone but it’s still lingering around. It doesn’t matter whether I am looking at fashion, beauty, or lifestyle blogs, I always exit the page thinking the same thing “I need to go buy something”. As a recent college graduate, I (Jordan), cannot afford to buy constantly. Although, I do have the credit card debt to prove that I have!

My latest venture is in makeup swapping! Here is the package I sent out to a lovely girl in California!

I’m using the website and to my surprise, this website has been around for a while!

Some tips for the new “swapper”

  • Post a “swap list”. These are items you have to send out. Be honest too! If your item is only 85% full, say so!
  • Post a “wish list”. These are the items you want. People can search for your wish list and offer a trade.
  • Be honest about what type of home your products are coming from! Do you smoke? Have pets? These are the types of things people want to know about.
  • Be aware on your first few swaps. There are people called “swaplifters” meaning you send them a package, they receive it, and send nothing in return. Only swap with people who have 50+ swap tokens (meaning they have swapped and earned a positive review for it)
  • If you’re sending something like powders or lipsticks, please be sure to disinfect your makeup before sending it. Misschievous does a great video on it here, (, and clean it after you receive it just to be sure!

Have any of you out there done a make-up swap before? What are some tips you have?!




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