I want to live in Cape May, NJ

So I spent this past week in New Jersey, exploring the shore with my boyfriend and his lovely family. 
We stayed in Avalon, NJ and tried to have fun though faced with super bipolar weather.  
Anyway, two of the 7 day vacation were spend in Cape May and oh my WORDDDD I am in LOVE.

Not only is Cape May home to a huge and FREE (yes I said free) zoo, it also has the cutest little city in the whole world. We were able to check out both of those places and as you can see… I’m obsessed. 
The zoo was amazing! Complete with roaring lions, crouching tigers, and a cute black bear (oh my!) that came right up to a group of seven and made our day just by being adorable. I was able to feed some goats (which made me a bit emotional) and I got to witness and true Goat battle. How incredible!
Seeing all of those animals made me stop and remember how amazing God is. 
I had to take some time that day to really mediate on the fact that Gods work can never be matched by man.
The zoo was extremely clean, and it was evident that the animals were loved and well cared for.
Even the women working in the gift shop were kind!
If you’re visiting the Jersey shore at all this summer, please give this place a visit!!

Center City Cape May is home to a ton of Victorian homes that would make any Rachel Ashwell fan drool. I was drooling over wrought iron fences and distressed wooden wrap around porches all dayyyy! 
Not only are there a ton of unique houses to look at, there are also a good number of places to get your shop on! From Vera Bradley to Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, beach goers can probably find everything they’d ever want on the main drag of Center City. I was like a kid in a candy store lingering around the shops, eating ice cream, and pretending I owned all of the houses. I literally spent the whole day in Cape May shouting, “SO CUTE”, “I’M SO EXCITED”, AND “OH MY WORD”.

poor Taylor.
Never take me on vacation.
I get too excited/emotional. 

oh well…



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