Love & Hate

When I got to the beach last week I realized that I forgot an entire beach bag full of beauty supplies and toiletries…. what a bummer!

Because I was missing very important items like deodorant and toothpaste, I absolutely had to run to Walmart.
Just to get me through the week I bought some cheap makeup  and overall, I’m not thrilled with too much of it.
I did however, find some great products that I will most likely be purchasing again!!
Here is a list of the best and worst products

1.  Rimmel London Natural Bronzer
— I used this brand a lot when I was in high school and since I was familiar with their products I decided to give them a go… Unfortunately, this bronzer was way to powdery for my face. I have super dry skin and after I put this on the color looked great but the powdery texture stood out on my face. 
2. Rimmel London Lasting finish blush in “tickle me pink”
— This blush had a great color and really blended well, but It probably lasted an hour on my cheeks before fading away. 😦
3. Rimmel London Lasting finish foundation in “Warm Ivory”
I don’t really need much foundation but I really liked the coverage and the smooth feel of this foundation. The only thing I don’t like about this product is that it does not contain SPF.
4. Rimmel London Match perfection 2 in 1 concealer in “fair”
— this is by far my favorite product out of this little cheap makeup haul! This concealer actually works really well. The makeup comes out through a brush and you squeeze the tube to release it. All you need is one swipe under your eyes to immediately wake them up and take away those lousy dark circles. I plan to use this product in my every day beauty routine!
5. Hard Candy Felt tip eyeliner in “little black dress”
— I thought this eyeliner was going to be like the ELF felt tip eyeliner (which I love) but it’s not. So I basically paid more money for a version that doesn’t work. This eyeliner was dried out and barely put anything on my eyes… Oh well. I was at the beach so I really didn’t need anything.
6. Maybelline the COLOSSAL volume express mascara 
— Well, if there’s a makeup product that I can’t live without, it’s mascara.
Thank God for Maybelline! This mascara is what I usually buy and needed a new tube of anyway. It’s very waterproof and gives me the lashes that I’ve always dreamed of.

This shopping trip was totally hit or miss.
I am so glad that I found a concealer that works and is inexpensive, but I’m also bummed about all of the other products that I didn’t really like. 
Do you have makeup products that you absolutely love 
or absolutely hate?
Let me know in the comment box below! 

xoxoxo Lynn


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