Reading makes you pretty!

… or really cranky.

While milling around Goodwill with my best friend, I stumbled across a few of the books from the Jessica Darling series. These books are by Megan McCafferty and I read three of them in high school. When my friend and I saw them we got excited thinking about the main character’s love interested Marcus Flutie, and his red dreads. We loved these books and now here they are! 
Of course, I had to read them again so I purchased them right away.

Let me just say, I had forgotten how grumpy Jessica Darling was.
I have completed 3 of the books from this series and they have only made me feel cranky and kind of mad.
Maybe I liked them before because I was a teenager and was constantly moody?

Though obviously loved by her family and never having to face any real challenges in her life, Jessica is constantly complaining.
Even when accepted into the college of her dreams and dating the boy she loves.
Her character is always unhappy and making decisions based on the unhappiness.
I’ll admit, the negativity drew me in for a bit and I probably will finish the series, but I just cannot get over WHY McCafferty would make a heroin so annoying.

Also, these novels are considered to be teen fiction..
but as Jessica grows up, the themes mature quite a lot.
Though stories are told with humor, there are a lot of raunchy sexual details in the later novels.
I really don’t remember reading any of that when I was in high school.  

When I was in high school, I loved these books
(the 2 or 3 that I read)
Now, that I’m older… I wouldn’t really recommend them.

blah. I’m going to finish the one I’ve started
and then read something sappy and romantic to make up for all of this teenage cranky angst.

xoxo Lynn 


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