F is for friends!


Friendship is funny.
Today has been so random. 
Last night Vicki texted me and asked me if I wanted to walk this morning.
I agreed and we met up this morning.
Instead of walking however, we went to a cute diner
and ate breakfast.
We then went to Starbucks and the Christmas Tree Shoppes.
While at the Christmas Tree Shoppes, we pretended we were shopping for the apartment that we hope to get pretty soon. (When we both get full time jobs)
In the store we looked at furniture and candles… 
I picked up a cute card for Taylor and a cute tray that I can put my mugs on.
(Vicki also bought the tray in yellow)
For some reason, we both became really tired so we decide to sit down on some patio furniture that they have displayed. 
There we are in the middle of the store, sitting on outdoor furniture, sipping our starbucks, and petting non-existent cats. When a couple walks by Vicki yells “hello welcome to our balcony!” 
This had us rolling. I almost choked on my drink and the people just kind of smiled and scurried away.
After five minutes of relaxation we decide to leave.
Later Vicki discovers that she has spilled honey mustard into her favorite yellow purse.
As a very clumsy lady myself, I knew just what to do…



What a random day!
Do you have friends that you’re able to be completely goofy with? 
I’m so thankful for a friend like Vicki.
xoxo Lynn 


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