Goodwill find #2

Today’s find actually isn’t mine, It’s my aunts!
… err, well my Grandmother found it.
Actually, my Mom-mom is a Goodwill stalker.
She hits up the Goodwill once or twice a week, and she ALWAYS finds the good stuff.
Whenever any of us needs something, we tell her to search and she usually finds what we want.
In this case, my aunt was looking to find a little couch to put in her sun-room.

Of course, Mom-mom found the perfect couch right away.



This little yellow beauty came in at $30.00
and for those of you who are skeeved out over the idea of using a strangers belonging,
they cleaned ALL of it in the backyard.
So my Aunt now has the couch she’s been looking for and my Mom-mom still holds the title of champion treasure finder.
I wonder what we’ll find next!

xoxoxo Lynn


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