Say thanks Sunday! Er… Monday

Sorry that I’ve been a bit distant
but AHA! My life is somewhat picking up.

The blessings from God never cease
here are just a few things I’m thankful for this week:

  • My job! — Yes. I’m still thankful for this little baby. I got my first paycheck this week 🙂
  • Taylor moved into his college apartment on Saturday and is closerr!!
  • My grandmother turned… (let’s keep her age a secret!) Anyway, she had a birthday. and we celebrated.!
  • The message at church yesterday! It was on point and convicting.
  • My little car finally getting TAGS! Oh yeah I’ll be official real soon in my little car.
  • A fabulous meal at Ruby’s diner with Taylor yesterday… and window shopping. I did not buy one thing.
  • The fact that I found the house of my dreams. It made me want to continue decorating my bedroom at home.

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