Life in the dream house

On Sunday after church, Taylor and I found the house of our dreams.
Actually, I should probably rephrase that…
We found the church of our dreams?
Yeah. That’s about right.
I’ve been dreaming of restoring an old church and transforming it into a house ever since I saw an episode of
“you live in what?” on HGTV.
Old buildings just have so much personality.
This building had everything we wanted.
Right off of a main road in Pennsylvania. Close enough to two cities, this little church was barely visible.
I spotted my angelic dream hiding behind trees, and overgrown bushes.
I forced Taylor to turn around and it was LOVE at first sight for both of us.
The door wasn’t locked so we went inside
Here are some pictures:

Taylor and I both spent the rest of Sunday dreaming of how we’d restore and decorate this beauty.
My mom even got in on the action by looking up pictures of other church restorations.
We EVEN found the property listing and saw that it costs 95,000…
Alas, I guess this church will have to remain just a dream for Taylor and I.
(Unless it stays on the market long enough for us to get grown up jobs and pay off our loans so we can buy it)
Hey! You never know what God has planned right?
Agh. A girl can dream??

Tell me what you think of church restorations!
Some say that living a church would be strange.
I think it would be awesome
xoxoxo Lynn


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