We went to the fair!

Taylor and I spent this weekend
living and loving it up in Bloomsburg, PA at the fair!
Even though I come from a small state that has a big fair to boast about…
I’ve never been, so this was my first experience at a State Fair type of event.
I have to admit, I was a little overwhelmed by the fried foods, farm animals (my favorite), cow boy boots/hats, and

On Saturday, we played games and walked around the grounds.
Fried Oreos and Sausage sandwiches were our Saturday foods of choice
(this was NOT a healthy eating weekend)
I got to pet and snuggle a 1200lb pig 🙂 and see a zillion cows and chickens!
A couple of Taylor’s friends met up with us and cruised around the fair, too.
It was all in all a great and tiring day!

T&L witnessed HISTORY.
We saw the Gaither Vocal band LIVE and in COLOR
yes! that’s right.
Open your hymnal right now and see who wrote half of it.
Bill Gaither.
The Gaither Vocal Band graced the stage around 7:30PM
and despite T and I being squished in the middle of the sixth row, we had an amazing time.
I think it was the best concert/worship time that I’ve ever been to.
And even though the whole “southern gospel” movement isn’t Taylor’s first choice,
he was amazed at the talents of David Phelps and Mark Lowry.
I spent the entire concert either sobbing or squealing with delight.
It’s a good thing Taylor loves me… Because I was pretty embarrassing.
“And life is worth the living just because He lives”

Tell me what YOU did this weekend!


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