I am filled with doubt.
I question everything.
I am seeking approval from everyone and trying to make people happy. I want to be successful. I just want everything. My mind is filled with questions and anxiety. Being a young adult is weird. I am almost a year out of college and though I have a big girl job, I still feel very much like a child. How will I pay my loans? Should I defer my loans and try grad school? How can I grow in the agency I work for? Should I get a new job? Does my boss like me!? My coworkers? Did I lead worship well enough on Sunday? Will I be able to raise enough money for Ethiopia? Am I pretty!? Does Taylor secretly wish I was skinnier, prettier, godlier? Could I ever be a real proverbs 31 woman? Am I built for that? When can I be a mom. I want children. I want marriage. When will my real life start?

This is my mind on a daily basis.

These fears.
This anxiety.
The evil in this world.
The questions.
The doubt.
The pain.
God has already won.
I am His.
I will fear no evil.
I will cling to my father.
God has already won.
I am His.
Lay your questions down at His feet.
Your doubt.
Your anxiety.
Your fears.
Your pain.
God has already won.
You are His.


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  1. just pray and everything will be alright. 🙂 and also stop worrying about what other people might say about you. you have to start not to care about them anymore and do anything that pleases you . just be yourself . life is short to miss this opportunity 🙂

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