I didn’t get home until 10pm last night.
Naturally, I fell into bed without removing my makeup or even putting on PJ’s. When my alarm went off this morning I couldn’t believe it… It’s only day two! How can I keep this schedule up for a whole month? I’m usually a pretty good morning person, but lately I’ve been struggling & running a little late. My lateness can be blamed on CLOTHING. When I am stressed or tired, I cannot choose an outfit. Does anyone else have this problem? To fix this issue, I’ve started taking pictures of my outfits to remember what I wore & what I liked or didn’t like. This morning, I already knew what I wanted to wear because I just looked back in my “outfit” album on my phone.

Agh. It’s so embarrassing to admit that my stress level has significantly gone down because I can dress myself in the morning.

first world pains no more.


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